Traveling with your Pets in the RV

More and more, people are viewing their pets as full-fledged members of the family. Until it's time to go on vacation. Then the family dog or cat is consigned to "watching the fort" at home while everyone else experiences the joy of traveling in their recreational vehicle.

Many pet lovers hesitate to take their animals with them into their RVs because they don't think they will be able to find accommodations that accept four-legged guests. Others aren't sure how or if their furry friends will adapt in a recreational vehicle.

Traveling with pets requires special care and attention to their needs. Including a pet in the family vacation is fairly easy so long as you plan ahead. Most pets respond well to travel.

Many pets, especially dogs, are great travelers and enjoy a vacation as much as any other family member.

Some pets, however would be happier staying at home in familiar surroundings, eagerly awaiting your return. Cats rarely enjoy traveling. Most are stressed by riding in a car. Traveling with a cat can also increase the risk of it being lost.

You have come to the right resource! Here you'll find everything you need for safe and successful travel with your pet.

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Start reading and get packing!

Your best friend wants to hit the road in your recreational vehicle with you!

And, remember...

Preparation is the most effective way to help ensure a smooth, enjoyable trip in your RV, for you, your family and your pet.

Nearly half of Canadian households have companion animals.

78% of dog owners consider their dog an equal member of their family.

76% said they would be more loyal to a place that accepted dogs, even when they weren’t travelling with their pet.

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