Marketing Services

Marketing is critical to the success of your online business, and many of the Canadian RV dealers we work with understand this precept and rely on our experience and expertise to achieve great success. Whether it's SEO/SEM, advertising and brand awareness, website statistics and analytics, competitor research and analysis or customer acquisition, you'll find it here with RVHotline Canada.

Join RVHotline

If you're an RV Dealer in Canada and you're RVDA endorsed then RVHotline is the best choice for advertising your inventory. RVHotline will help you earn quality leads from your target audience as RVers search through thousands of new units every week. We have regular visitors from every province in Canada, and boast over 650,000 RVing visitors each year.

Advertise on our Network

With ready-to-purchase shoppers browsing RVHotline every day, advertising your inventory is not the only means of generating leads and creating brand awareness. We have other means of reaching your audience, including multiple geo-located advertising opportunities, guest blogging options, a monthly "Dealer Events" page, dealership spotlights, and our weekly featured unit carousel. In addition our dealer pages have many great features for 'educating' customers about your products and services.

List Your RV Shows

Let’s face it, even with the rise of online marketing, RV Shows are still a must. They can be a fantastic addition to any dealerships annual marketing plan. The first rule of thumb in sales, "get your product in front of customers". We have created an RV show website located at and are happy to advertise your dealership show or sales event, and if we have missed a provincial or regional show you are participating in, let us know and we'll add it right away!

Website Design

Advertising on RVHotline is commonly the first stage in our relationship with most dealerships. Once we've had that initial chance to prove our worth we begin to discuss further products and services we can offer to help a dealer attain leads and sales. A brand-conscious website packed with manageable features and optimized for search engines is always a concern for our customers, and is our specialty. We have been told many times that we're not just 'another web firm'. Dealers think of us as a member of their team, always available for advice, always ready to help; a company dedicated to their success at every stage of growth. We have a well-stocked portfolio of dealership websites and our own proprietary software to manage them. When you're ready to take the next step, send us an email or call for pricing.

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Online marketing

Digital marketing now accounts for more than half of all ad spending world-wide, and with so many places to spend your marketing dollars, the decision can be somewhat overwhelming! The options are endless, starting with display ads, content marketing, retargeting, pay per click, seo, social media, conversion marketing, and growth hacking to name just a few. If online marketing is either a mystery to you, or your understanding is extensive, we can help. Acting as coach and starting you off slowly, or jumping right in and taking the daily management of your campaigning out of your hands, we can be an invaluable partner for all your marketing needs.

Graphic Design

Our graphics team is lead by a designer with almost 20 years in the industry, so if it's your website we're designing, or just a banner ad, you are guaranteed to get beautifully crafted and well-planned designs. Often at the heart of any marketing, whether online or traditional, is the creative. Our Creative Director will discuss all projects with you first, and include you in the process from start to finish so that there are no surprises, and to ensure that you are happy with the way your company and products are represented.

Hosting & Email services

Part of our strategy for offering better customer service is the administration of our own web and email severs here on site. Our secure location sits on a fibre-optic trunk and our data redundant servers are housed in a climate-controlled server room with backup generators and 24/7 monitoring. This strategy allows us to offer services like domain management, website hosting, email services and intelligent phone systems.


When you work with us our proprietary CMS, nicknamed "focus", will be the back bone of your online efforts. Built in a way that allows for modular expansion, focus is a single login solution that organizes all of your web content and marketing efforts; from leads, to web page content, your inventory, customer information, and your blog to name a few. Forget running multiple software solutions; one for your website, one for your email marketing, one for your CRM... focus offers everything you'll ever need in one place, simplifies it, and makes it all accessible 24/7. The best thing about focus is that as your business grows, the tools and feature-sets can grow with it.

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