First Aid for RV Travelers

There are two kinds of first aid: the emergency, life-saving measures you must take to aid a seriously ill or injured person before you can get medical help, and the home treatment of minor injuries.

The objectives of first aid are to save life, prevent further injury, and limit infection. However, first aid isn't a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Accidents and emergencies are always unexpected and frightening for most of us and when you're travelling in your recreational vehicle RV you have to ask yourself: Are you prepared?

The more you know about first aid, the more effective you will be.

Learn simple and efficient ways to handle some of the more common accidents, injuries or other common situations that could arise while in your recreational vehicle.

How to perform first aid? The following are basic guidelines for how to perform first aid:

The most important rule is not to panic. Many people learn first aid and are then too frightened to use it when it becomes necessary.

1. STOP - Stop, Think, Observe and Plan

It is important that you calmly take in what you see and form a plan based on the available information.


First, the scene must be checked for safety, and then the victim must be checked for signs and symptoms. Next, professionals must be called to help, and then first aid is given as much as it is practical.

Read about how to rescue a person who has stopped breathing with CPR.

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