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With a continual online presence of over 12 years, RVHotline Canada has worked tirelessly to provide not only qualified communication between customer and dealer, but also a unique and entirely Canadian platform.

We have been an endorsed partner of the RVDA of Canada since our inception, and assist both the Canadian and provincial organizations in managing their member databases, their various websites and support and advertising for many RV Shows across the country. In fact being endorsed for Web & Internet Services by the RVDA of Canada allows us more and more each year to advertise, campaign and innovate on behalf of the Canadian RV industry. We have been a loyal and vocal supporter of buying Canadian, and support many of the industry’s media vehicles and organizations;,,, and many more.

So, our history is long and storied, our expertise in technology and web marketing is clearly demonstrated, and our company is growing steadily as our products and services improve. This redesign of has a number of upgrades and is carefully designed to increase not only the number of customer leads our participating dealers receive, but the quality of those leads as well.

We are offering new advertising opportunities on RVHotline this season, banners, premium dealer opportunities and featured article postings that will increase awareness and brand recognition as well as new participation packages that will suite every size of dealership and help each company achieve their marketing goals for the season. Call our Sales Department and talk to an account manager for all our products and services; 1-866-642-2343.


  • We are not an internet start-up or fancy flash-in-the-pan; we have a long history in the Canadian RV industry and will be here for many more years.
  • We do not ask dealers to pay based on the size of their inventory, all packages include unlimited listings.
  • Only Canadian dealers can advertise on RVHotline Canada, and furthermore each participating dealer must be a member of the RVDA. This keeps the integrity of membership and means that cheaper US prices are not advertised next to your units.
  • Our packages vary based on the amount of coverage your dealership receives throughout the website. The bigger the package the more your dealership brand appears on the site.
  • When you list with us you are also added to our additional Canadian and Provincial dealership listings websites.
  • Participating dealers have a dedicated account manager, so that when you call we can guarantee you will talk to someone that can help you immediately. There is no ticket system or support cue, just immediate support and satisfaction.
  • Our inventory management and web marketing platform is called “focus” and is extremely easy to use, on any device, any time of the day or night.
  • From our platform we can feed just about any other web advertising system or classified website you do business with, making inventory advertising simple and quick. Upload units once and have them sent to as many other websites as needed within 24 hours, automatically.
  • Many dealers that join RVHotline end up asking for our help with their websites and other marketing initiatives the following season. Website traffic analysis and ranking reports, search engine optimization and marketing, PPC and re-targeting campaigns, inventory integration and website design, mobile websites and apps, just to name a few…

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