Banner Advertising on RVHotline

Over the past 6 years we have offered a humble banner advertising program, and with this redesign that program is expanding. Depending on the package you subscribe to you may or may not get an included banner for your dealership. If not, you have many options for increasing your brand awareness to our audience.

Included banners are treated the same way that paid banners are, in that you can change the message and graphics of your ad every month if you wish. There are 6 types of ads now and 5 different sizes. We have standard leaderboard banners at the top of every page, we have a medium square banner on every page, we have smaller banners in the vehicle listings, we have a smaller banner at the bottom of every page, we have Premium dealer squares on most pages, and we are introducing a full-page, background ad that also resides on all pages.

In addition to the new banner sizes and placements we are introducing geo-targeting on our site this year. When a new user arrives they are asked if they would mind allowing us to access their location. This will now guarantee that if users in your region are on the site, your ads will be displayed more often than others. If users from another province are on the site it’s not helpful to show your ads, however if they are in your province, or better yet, your city, than our ability to display your ad will ensure that local customers are reached.

To receive our official media package fill out the form below and an account manager will be in contact as soon as possible.


  • 100% RV enthusiast audience
  • Inexpensive in comparison to similar sized websites and advertising groups
  • Ads are geo-targeted so that you are guaranteed to show up to users in your province/region/city
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