A Guide To Used Tent Trailers, Truck Campers, Hybrids and More!

Posted on 8/19/2015 12:00:00 AM

Buying a used product these days comes with the stigma of "buying a used product is buying someone else's problem." This of course can be avoidable if done right and researched properly. This blog post will go over some tips and tricks for buying your next RV. No one wants to purchase a 'lemon' and be stuck out in the middle of the bush, some remote campsite or worse, on the side of the road.

Knowledgeable staff will always be willing to assist you.

First TIP, and a large one, buy from an RV Dealer. RV Dealers take the time to go over each used unit they receive ensuring the unit meets their quality standards. After all it's their reputation on the line when a unit leaves their lot. Not only do they inspect and clean each used unit, but they will repair any problem areas before the unit is ready for resale. They will disclose these issues and give you a guided tour of your new unit, making sure you're comfortable with your purchase. Best of all, most dealers will warranty the unit. These of course are only a few major reasons to purchase from an RV Dealer, but dealers may have different checklists when selling used units so ask them questions. Knowledgeable staff will always be willing to assist you.

Cost is obviously one of the most important driving factors when purchasing an RV. The majority of RV dealers use the NADA guide www.nada.com for Recreation Vehicles to determine used RV pricing. Used RV prices are based on some main factors such as; the age of the unit, the condition, optional equipment, mileage, and if it’s motorized. All NADA pricing assumes that the RV is on good condition and in proper working order.

Make sure to ask the NADA price, or research it on online before visiting the RV Dealer. It is important that you're well prepared and as educated as you can be before stepping foot on the lot.This goes for purchases through non-dealers as well.

RVHotline RV Trader has over 1400 used units listed, which change and update daily.

Purchasing through an RV Dealer when considering a used RV is ideal, but if you're the type that is handy and loves the thrill of "haggling', then here are few questions to consider when purchasing your next used unit from a non dealer.

  • Are you the registered owner of the RV? If not, why are you the spokesperson? And are you the one who can accept an offer?
  • Is the title clear of any notations, eg: rebuilt or salvage? (If so, no need to go any further. Don't buy a vehicle that doesn't have a clean history.)
  • Are there any leans or outstanding debts on the vehicle? (Let the seller know you will, of course, need to check with the department of transport that it is.)How long have you owned it?
  • Why are you selling?
  • How many miles are on it - what is the odometer reading?
  • What miles per gallon do you get - highway and city?
  • How has it been stored? How often and recently has it been used?
  • What long trips has it been on? When? Where?
  • How often do you drive it on average when not on a trip? (It's not good for a vehicle to sit for long periods especially outdoors.)
  • Who does the regular maintenance on the vehicle?
  • How often have you changed the oil? Rotated the tires?
  • How old are the tires? The battery?
  • What is the vehicle's history - previous owners?
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Has it ever had any body work? If so, why, how much, when, and where on the vehicle?
  • What mechanical parts have been replaced or repaired?
  • Can you provide written records of repairs?
  • What problems exist mechanically?
  • What is the true condition of mechanics, body, interior, and camper equipment?
  • If there are any areas of previous body work, damage, or concern, ask for pictures to be emailed to you, showing the situation realistically.Tell the owner you will be doing a thorough inspection when you arrive so please have all the camperized aspects operational at that time. (Batteries charged, water and propane in the tanks, and the fridge turned on for at least three hours.) â€‹â€‹

​​Questions refereneced from - frugal-rv-travel.com

As you can see there are many questions you can ask either dealers or non-dealers, but what about questions you should be asking yourself? Here some of the top questions you should be asking yourself before even beginning your quest for your "Dream On Wheels."

  • What Type of Camping or Travel Will I Do?
  • What Kind of RV Should I Get?
  • What Else Do I Need to Consider?
  • Where Should I Look when buying an RV?
  • Should I Rent Before I Buy?
  • What About Financing?

For a comprehensive description of each question above please visit the referenced article here - Reserve America

Finally, how do you even spot the dreaded lemon? Check out the video below, this video has been viewed over 400 000 times for a reason. Ivan Page does a fantastic job outlining all the trouble areas you as a consumer, need to be aware of, as well educating you on the ins and outs of your next trailer.

Good luck and happy shopping from the team here at RVHotline Canada.

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